The 7 Best Gaming Monitors Under $200 in 2018

For 1080P gaming, there are a lot of good monitor options for under $200. And, in this guide, we’ve compared seven of the best gaming monitors under $200.

While higher-resolution monitors are becoming more and more popular, the truth is that, for competitive gamers, those higher resolution monitors can be a hindrance in their success against their competitors. The higher the resolution they play at, the fewer framerates they’re going to get, and the more of a disadvantage they’ll be at…

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Fortnite is out now on Android exclusively on Samsung

The rumours have proven true, as Fortnite has finally launched on Android as a Samsung exclusive.

Presumably, this will only be a temporary arrangement though, so don’t despair. In fact, savvy Androiders have already found a workaround.

Fortnite finally comes to Android!

So there is hope for playing the world’s biggest game on any Android phone right now, but you’ll have to go elsewhere to learn that information.

The wait is finally over, anyway! If you own a Samsung device, you…

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“We Have Multiple Diablo Projects in the Works” – GameSpew

In a new video shared across multiple Diablo social media channels, Blizzard has confirmed that is has numerous Diablo projects in the works.

Opening with the news that Diablo 3 will receive more themed seasons going forward, Associate Community Manager Brandy Camel revealed that more than one Diablo project is currently being worked on. Blizzard isn’t quite ready to talk about them yet though, but it might have some things to show us later…

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Hearthstone: Boomsday Project guide – release date, new keyword, Omega Cards, and more

The upcoming Boomsday Project will be Hearthstone’s thirteenth expansion if you include all of the Adventures released for the game, and it’s a card set that turns once more to the kind of Mech-fuelled mayhem that powered 2014’s Goblins vs Gnomes expansion.

You can expect the usual mix of new cards, new keywords and single-player content when Boomdsay lands in August, and in this guide we’ve rounded up every last scrap of information you need to know about what’s coming next for…

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You don’t need remasters to enjoy old games

The pixelated blood of the early Resident Evil games, that ruby-hued gelatin burst, still purls in the veins of my imagination. In part, this is because of what it meant: a fleeting sense of calm, mauled by the molars of a zombified policeman; Claire’s defiant gait, reduced to a grimacing limp; and my priorities, realigning from crank handles to first aid sprays. Such fear could be conjured by the crude red squares.

And that is the other reason it still holds residence in my mind: it had…

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