PUBG Is A ‘Literal Pile Of Shit’ – The Jimquisition

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may be a commercial success, but it’s certainly not smelling of roses. After being effortlessly surpassed by Epic Games’ Fortnite and facing criticism for its lackluster updates in the face of competition, PUBG’s lost a huge deal of any goodwill it may have had. Its recent missteps with loot boxes and a moronic premium “Event Pass” have only further tanked its reputation.

I’ve been thinking a lot about PUBG Corp’s ludicrous behavior of late, and…

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The 100 Hottest New Games revealed in games™ 202 | gamesTM


games™ 202 is here and once again we’re celebrating the 100 Hottest New Games off the back of E3. Inside you will find 100 of the most exciting, innovative and creative games coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC in the coming years. Grab yourself a copy from MyFavouriteMags.com now!

The 100 Hottest New Games revealed in games™ 202

100 Hottest New Games Special

A closer look at the biggest and best games on your…

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Video Games Main Islam Ki Bayhurmati | Famous Video Games | Limelight Studio

Hamary Bachy mashoor games khailty hain lakin hum nahi janty keh in kay kiya nuqsanat hain. Aj ki poori video khudara lazmi daikhain or share kerain ta k is kay khilaf ehtijaj buland ker sakain. Limelight Studio mai hum har qism k wazaif jis mai har mushkil k hal ka wazifa, ameer hone ka wazifa, income mai izafay ka wazifa, ghurbat khatam karne ka wazifa, tangdasti khatam karne ka wazifa, ameeri ka wazifa, har pareshani k hal ka wazifa, har qism ki hajat ka wazifa, shadi k liye wazifa, pasand ki shadi k liye wazifa, khushali ka wazifa, bimari ka wazifa aur bht se aese wazaif share karte hain jo aap ki roz marra ki zindagi ko behtar banane mai madad kare.

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All-Star Fruit Racing Review – Fruit up!

What’s your favourite fruit? Personally, we’re quite fond of strawberries, pineapple and cherries, but rarely a day goes by where we don’t get down a banana too (they’re supposed to be good at preventing migraines, don’t you know). It might seem a bit of a strange question for opening a kart racer review, but in the case of All-Star Fruit Racing, your favourite fruit is something which is of vital importance. Because, you know, fruit, racing, that whole connection there.

Also has……

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